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1601GeneralBug ReportHighCriticalCan't refresh pacman keys on 0.4 installation diskUnconfirmed
Task Description

After making sure that the system date is correct, when one tries to refresh the
pacman keys (`pacman-key –refresh-keys`) they will be given an error:
Server indicated a failure

The error will not be fixed if you remove all the pacman gnupg assets nor if you
attempt to fix `dirmngr`.

This seams to only be reproducable as well when pacman-init fails to load on but, dont know if it is just a coiencidence but it seams both are related

Also both irelativism and reports by users in IRC where able to reproduce this on version 0.3.1 and might even come from previous release, so issue is presistant over new release cycle.

758GeneralImplementation RequestHighCriticalTo make installation instructions and get use of live I...Unconfirmed
Task Description

I have installed multiple times Hyperbola, 4 times on 4 different notebooks.

What I have noticed is that the live ISO is quite huge in relation to the task that should be done. Namely. the live ISO shall at least contain some first packages, so that they do not need to be downloaded online.

Best would be if the live ISO can be copied straight and that system can run from ISO/DVD without having Internet. At least one simple graphical environment shall be included.

Further, I have noticed that there is only network instructions as HTML file.

I would rather call it installation-instructions.html to make it clear for people what it is. Or simply: INSTALL.html so that people understand what it is.

It says just network.html if I remember well.

Then there is absolutely no point or link or reference to the installation instructions.

Each time I got a network I had to go to either duckduckgo search engine or to website and then I tried with lynx to find installation instructions.

It is not straight, not quite clearly in open, it is in Wiki, but that is quite hard to find.

We have to put ourselves in the shoes of those in need of free software. Millions of people need free software.

Many of us live in a developed western countries.

Yet millions of people in need of this software live in South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe.

There are millions of students that could advance their study, and that could progress faster with free software.

In those countries Internet is often non-existent, universities may be located in poor network areas, Internet is being fetched by using mobile phones.

So if there is a live distribution, such shall at least contain basic software, which really can fit onto any DVD, and that as such can be copied on the computer without using Internet. Upgrades could be fetched by using Internet.

And there shall be clear reference, link or file about installation. There shall be no need to go to Internet to install the software.

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