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HyperWiki/DokuWikiBug ReportMediumLowWiki search feature is broken, taskrunner has stopped t...In Progress
Task Description

The search feature on our wiki seems to be broken,

Only very early wiki page articles seem to have been tracked. Everything created in the last few years was not tracked, so pages cannot be found on index by search feature, Nontheless we should fix this given currently is already quite hard to find articles, fortunately our wiki is not yet big enough for search to be a necessity.

Has you can see in the are many pages(articles/files) and namespaces(directories) inside en: namespace but if you search for articles on search you will realize most will not show up, another example is when you search “system” this is a word used many times in our wiki, but here you notice again not much references

This issue is related to new pages not being tracked by taskrunner on the search index of our wiki, given it doesnt seem to automatically re-create said index like it normally should, So in the case something is broken on search like it is our case, check for more information and could also be relevant.

We have 2 option to fix it: 1. there is a command line tool included in DokuWiki in case you prefer that (and in case you have shell access to the server), And secondly there is search_index plugin for a admin GUI instead,
This won’t fix the search index permanently, the search index needs to be updated whenever a page is changed, ours seams broken, this is normally triggered by this task runner, in a form of a image file that should also be in our custom template (I assume this is the root cause on our problem not being in template,
“The indexing process is triggered by a small image embedded in the template which will call the indexing script. If you use a third party template, the template developer might have forgotten to add this “webbug” in the template. You should check your main.php template for the existence of the tpl_indexerWebBug() function.” or maybe (another plugin might be the root cause for this breakage).

Related but irrelevant: So we first need to fix our search index has discribed abouve before trying to use the move plugin again.

TODO > “Add search_index_plugin so wiki admins can also fix this without shell acess to server but through GUI

HyperWeb IssueBug ReportVery LowLowRSS needs fixingUnconfirmed
Task Description

Seems deleted items reappearing in the Hyperbola feeds since it gives its feed items empty ID string.

Flyspray IssueSecurity IssueVery LowLowAfter account confirmation, crypt: No salt parameter wa...Unconfirmed
Task Description

After confirming the newly created account (typing the confirmation code, the passwoard and its confirmation, and clicking the button to continue), the following error appears:

  Notice: crypt(): No salt parameter was specified. You must use a randomly generated salt and a strong hash function to produce a secure hash. in /srv/http/flyspray/includes/class.flyspray.php on line 656 

The account login seems to work normaly.

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