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StableBug ReportMediumCritical [apache][modules][FHS] move external modules to new loc ...Closed
Task Description

The apache pkg has a symlink in /etc/httpd/modules which points to /usr/lib/httpd/modules, and it’s wrong because modules are now located at /usr/libexec/httpd/modules

Also, packages that have apache modules, like:

  • extra/php-apache
  • community/mod_wsgi
  • community/mod_wsgi2

have them in the old location, so they need to be rebuilt.

Additional info:

  • apache 2.4.38-1.hyperbola2
StableBug ReportHighCritical [postfix][FHS] multiple issues, need rebuilding Closed
Task Description

Postfix is a mess, first it failed to start (running ‘postfix start’) with the following:

  postfix: fatal: chdir(/usr/lib/postfix/bin): No such file or directory

Then, to solve this, I symlinked /usr/libexec/postfix to /usr/lib/postfix/bin, because there were the binaries, but then it came with the following:

  # postfix start
  /usr/lib/postfix/bin/postfix-script: line 89: /usr/bin/postconf: No such file or directory
  /usr/lib/postfix/bin/postfix-script: line 90: /usr/bin/postlog: No such file or directory

Because all the post* bins where now in /usr/sbin, so I symlinked them to /usr/bin, and it could finally run, but with many warnings

  # postfix start
  postfix/postfix-script: warning: symlink leaves directory: /usr/lib/postfix/./bin
  postfix/postfix-script: warning: not owned by group postdrop: /usr/bin/postqueue
  postfix/postfix-script: warning: not owned by group postdrop: /usr/bin/postdrop
  postfix/postfix-script: warning: not set-gid or not owner+group+world executable: /usr/bin/postqueue
  postfix/postfix-script: warning: not set-gid or not owner+group+world executable: /usr/bin/postdrop
  postfix/postfix-script: starting the Postfix mail system

Additional info:
* postfix 3.2.2-1.hyperbola6

StableBug ReportMediumCritical [roundcubemail-lts] not compatible with PHP 7.1 Closed
Task Description

After replacing roundcubemail with roundcubemail-lts, I got the following error:

  PHP Warning:  session_start(): Failed to read session data: user (path: ) in /usr/share/webapps/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_session.php on line 117

And going back to the non-lts version solved it

Additional info:
It looks like it is a problem of roundcube-lts not being fully compatible with PHP 7.1, maybe a backport could fix the issue

Steps to reproduce:
1) Install roundcube
2) open it in a web browser
3) Check /var/log/roundcubemail/errors

StableFreedom IssueVery LowCritical [elementary-icon-theme] Contains non-FSDG compliant dis ...Closed
Task Description

About that distro, Elementary OS is semi-libre/free, Ubuntu based, long term support, but does not comply with the GNU Free System Distributibution Guidelines (FSDG). To either rebrand or remove existing non-FSDG compliant distro icon files.

The following affected files are present in this list:

  • /usr/share/icons/elementary/places/16/distributor-logo.svg
  • /usr/share/icons/elementary/places/24/distributor-logo.svg
  • /usr/share/icons/elementary/places/32/distributor-logo.svg
  • /usr/share/icons/elementary/places/48/distributor-logo.svg
  • /usr/share/icons/elementary/places/64/distributor-logo.svg
  • /usr/share/icons/elementary/places/128/distributor-logo.svg
  • /usr/share/icons/elementary/places/symbolic/distributor-logo-symbolic.svg
StableDrop RequestVery LowCritical [osdbattery] Unmaintained and unsupportable Closed
Task Description

osdbattery is (probably) useless and broken so Conky did compete because It is still unmaintained and unsupported over 14 years ago (last released version 1.4 on August 23, 2005), and should be removed per anti-abandonware rule at the packaging guidelines.

Also, the default config file contains non-libre/free Microsoft font Verdana as X11 font format property in font variable.

StableUpdate RequestVery LowCritical [qt5] request for upgrade Closed
Task Description

I know that upgrading Qt is not a trivial task, but would it be possible to do this anyway? Qt 5.8 has issues that other versions do not have. See for example the discussion here about Projecteur, a very useful tool. Hyperbola seems to be the only Linux distribution unable to run it, just because of Qt 5.8:

StableFreedom IssueHighCritical [smplayer] Removal of unfree "Chromecast"-plugin Closed
Task Description

Within the current version of smplayer in the repositories a proprietary interface to Chromecast is activated and therefore a risk for privacy of the users as this hardware is the complete opposite of freedom.

StableBug ReportVery LowCritical [smartmontools] update-smart-drivedb fails to update Closed
Task Description

smartmontools 6.5-1.hyperbola1

Error while trying to update smart-drivedb :

anon@test[~] update-smart-drivedb

External Link/usr/bin/update-smart-drivedb: download from branches/RELEASE_6_5_DRIVEDB failed (curl: exit 23) /usr/bin/update-smart-drivedb: download from trunk failed (curl: exit 23)

StableSecurity IssueVery LowCritical [lts-kernel][sec] filter /dev/mem access & restrict acc ...Closed
Task Description

These two options could be enabled :

Kernel hacking → [*] Filter access to /dev/mem
[*] Filter I/O access to /dev/mem

Security options → [*] Restrict unprivileged access to the kernel syslog

StableBug ReportVery LowCritical [gtk-2] Severe problems with GTK2-applications Closed
Task Description

Description: Since the migration to xenocara there seems to be a bug with applications using GTK-2. From time to time there are crashes with assertion `!xcb_xlib_threads_sequence_lost’.

Looking into this a little bit more deep there are also other distributions affected and this is an upstream-bug. But the concrete situation is not that easy, while it could be also part of the library libX11 itself. Looking therefore here:

Affected are for example LXDE in general, icedove, iceweasel and many more!

StableFreedom IssueVery LowCritical [keybase] Complete removal of tool Closed
Task Description

There is only the source code of the client available and since years nothing more happened. With keybase joining “Zoom” nothing more seems to happen. Look also here in the forum:

TestingPrivacy IssueVery HighCritical [abiword] remove AltaVista's Babel Fish translator supp ...Closed
Task Description

Abiword supports the defunct AltaVista’s Babel Fish translator which queries are redirected to the main Yahoo! page.


build() {
  cd $pkgname-$pkgver
  ./configure --prefix=/usr \
    --enable-shared \
    --disable-static \
    --enable-clipart \
    --enable-templates \
    --enable-plugins="aiksaurus applix **babelfish** bmp clarisworks collab docbook \
                      eml epub freetranslation garble gdict gimp goffice grammar \
                      hancom hrtext iscii kword latex loadbindings mathview mht \
                      mif mswrite opendocument openwriter openxml opml ots paint \
                      passepartout pdb pdf presentation psion s5 sdw t602 urldict \
                      wikipedia wmf wml wordperfect wpg xslfo" \
  sed -i -e 's/ -shared / -Wl,-O1,--as-needed\0/g' libtool

TestingBug ReportMediumCritical [iceweasel-uxp-ublock-origin] Can't add filters and/or  ...Closed
Task Description

I can’t update filters or update with iceweasel-uxp-ublock-origin.
When I toggle the additional filters list, it is empty.

TestingBug ReportVery LowCritical [iceweasel-uxp] missing extensions Closed
Task Description


I can’t manually install some extensions I was using successfully with iceweasel-esr (52.9.x) previously.
Notably :

https-everywhere watch-with-mpv tampermonkey Save URL to Wayback Machine

How to install them with iceweasel-uxp ?

TestingBug ReportVery LowCritical [msmtp] needs libressl Closed
Task Description


I may be wrong for I did not migrate to 0.3 as of yet, but I think that `msmtp` has been forgotten and needs to be recompiled with `libressl`.

Please remove this report if I am mistaken.

TestingBug ReportMediumCritical [rsyslog] wrong reference to /usr/bin/rsyslog in /etc/l ...Closed
Task Description

In `/etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog`, line 5:

/usr/bin/killall -HUP /usr/bin/rsyslogd

should now read as follows:

/usr/bin/killall -HUP /usr/sbin/rsyslogd
TestingBug ReportVery LowCritical [Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.4] Installation issue for  ...Closed
Task Description

Description: Problem with execution of “pacstrap /mnt base base-devel syslinux” from 0.3.1-chroot ISO-image with modified pacman.conf and mirrorlist for testing. There are errors for the packages “libxcrypt” and “man-pages” as both have “/usr/share/man/man3/crypt.3.gz” and “/usr”share/man/man3/crypt_r.3.gz” included.

TestingBug ReportHighCritical [Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.4] Installation for syslin ...Closed
Task Description

Description: Configuration file “syslinux.cfg” under /boot/syslinux/ has to be adjusted. Problem with kernel-images loaded and the concurrent booting device is per default configured to /dev/sda3. Kernel-images are named as “linux-libre” not “linux-libre-lts”.

TestingBug ReportHighCritical [Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.4] Problems with sndio fai ...Closed
Task Description

There are issues with the current sndio-package as it seems not possible to get this to work with ALSA.

TestingBug ReportHighCritical [wpa_supplicant]: wireless connection does not work Closed
Task Description


Wireless connection does not work

Additional info:
* package version(s)

- wpa_supplicant 2:2.9-1
- libressl 3.2.2-1

* config and/or log files etc.

Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
OpenSSL: Failed to set cipher string 'DEFAULT@SECLEVEL=1'
SSL: Failed to initialize TLS context.
Failed to initialize EAPOL state machines.
nl80211: deinit ifname=wlp0s18f2u1 disabled_11b_rates=0

Steps to reproduce:

$ wpa_supplicant -B -i device-name -c <(wpa_passphrase “ssid” “psk”)

TestingFreedom IssueVery LowCritical [Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.4] [lumina-core] has some  ...Closed
Task Description

The list contains some icons before being removed for displaying non-libre and trademark-related stuffs, which may infringe the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines and Hyperbola Packaging Guidelines.


  • Icons that are libre apps but has problematic issues:
    • nodejs.svg
    • npm.svg
    • umbraco.svg
  • Icons that are non-libre apps:
    • apple-finder.svg
    • apple-safari.svg
    • edge.svg
    • emby.svg
    • evernote.svg
    • google-chrome.svg
    • google-earth.svg
    • internet-explorer.svg (discontinued)
    • itunes.svg
    • jira.svg
    • opera.svg
    • plex.svg
    • quicktime.svg
    • skype.svg
    • slack.svg
    • steam.svg
    • teamviewer.svg
    • unity.svg
    • visualstudio.svg
    • whatsapp.svg
  • Icons that are non-libre games:
    • black-mesa.svg
    • minecraft.svg
  • Icons that are non-libre network services:
    • amazon.svg
    • appnet.svg (discontinued)
    • basecamp.svg
    • bing.svg
    • bitbucket.svg
    • blogger.svg
    • deviantart.svg
    • disqus.svg
    • dribbble.svg
    • dropbox.svg
    • ebay.svg
    • etsy.svg
    • facebook.svg
    • flattr.svg
    • foursquare.svg
    • github.svg
    • gmail.svg
    • google-drive.svg
    • google-maps.svg
    • google-photos.svg
    • google-play.svg
    • google-plus.svg (discontinued)
    • google-translate.svg
    • google-wallet.svg (discontinued, now as Google Pay)
    • instagram.svg
    • jsfiddle.svg
    • lastfm.svg
    • linkedin.svg
    • linode.svg
    • mixcloud.svg
    • onedrive.svg
    • pandora.svg
    • pinterest.svg
    • rdio.svg (discontinued)
    • reddit.svg
    • soundcloud.svg
    • spotify.svg
    • stackexchange.svg
    • stackoverflow.svg
    • telegram.svg
    • tumblr.svg
    • twitch.svg
    • twitter.svg
    • vimeo.svg
    • vine.svg (discontinued)
    • vk.svg
    • wechat.svg
    • xing.svg
    • yelp.svg
    • youtube.svg
  • Icons that are non-FSDG operating systems:
    • android.svg
    • ubuntu.svg
  • Icons that are non-libre operating systems:
    • apple-ios.svg
  • Icons that are trademarked brands and products:
    • apple.svg
    • beats.svg
    • blackberry.svg
    • dolby.svg
    • google.svg
    • google-cardboard.svg (discontinued)
    • google-glass.svg
    • microsoft.svg
    • playstation.svg
    • wii.svg (discontinued)
    • wiiu.svg (discontinued)
  • Icons that are trademarked characters:
    • clippy.svg (appearance from the Office Assistant part of M$ Office 97 to 2003)
TestingBug ReportHighCritical Runit errors, Closed
Task Description

/sbin/openrc-run: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

I get this error whenever I try to start dhcpcd with sv /etc/runit/

And for sndiod I get this doing the same guide,

warning: sndiod: unable to open supervise/ok: file does not exist

Although rather ironically, If I type sndiod or dhcpcd into root, it works just fine.

Maybe its an FHS issue or possibly, I am screwing up? I am not sure. Feedback is welcome.

This is what I did:

=⇒ Add a service:

ln -s /etc/sv/<service> /var/service
==> Start/stop/restart a service:
sv <start/stop/restart> <service>

more or less, I used this guide.

TestingBug ReportVery HighCritical [Hyperbola GNU/Linux 0.4] QtSSL is not working Closed
Task Description

Description: Tried with new compiled version of mumble no open and secured with SSL-certificate is reachable. Log within console: QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_CTX_set_options QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_session_reused QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_set_options QSslSocket: cannot resolve BN_is_word QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_in_init

<W>2021-08-23 01:00:18.814 QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function sk_num

<W>2021-08-23 01:00:20.270 QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function SSL_CTX_set_options

TestingImplementation RequestHighCritical [xlsfonts] Missing package needs to be added for xenoca ...Closed
Task Description

Description: Package xlsfonts is missing and should absolutely being added also within groups for ‘xenocara-apps’ and ‘xorg-apps’.

AnySecurity IssueHighHigh [npapi-sdk] remove unsecure/deprecated package Closed
Task Description

“npapi-sdk” (released in 2012) uses deprecated/unsecure NPAPI[0] api

$ pacman -Si npapi-sdk
Repository : extra
Name : npapi-sdk
Version : 0.27.2-1
Description : Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI)
Architecture : any
URL : Licenses : MPL
Groups : None
Provides : None
Depends On : None
Optional Deps : None
Conflicts With : None
Replaces : None
Download Size : 15.77 KiB
Installed Size : 67.00 KiB
Packager : Ionut Biru Build Date : Thu 25 Apr 2013 01:47:15 PM -03
Validated By : MD5 Sum SHA-256 Sum Signature


AnySecurity IssueHighHigh [npapi-vlc] remove unsecured package Closed
AnySecurity IssueHighHigh [nspluginwrapper] remove unsecure/deprecated package Closed
AnySecurity IssueHighHigh [x2goplugin] remove unsecure package Closed
AnySecurity IssueHighHigh [djview] remove unsecure "" Closed
AnySecurity IssueHighHigh [icedtea-web] remove unsecure "" Closed
AnyBug ReportMediumHigh [Solved] [xorg-xdm] * status: crashed Closed
AnyDrop RequestHighHigh [devtools] remove this package Closed
AnyPrivacy IssueHighHigh [redshift] remove geoclue2 support Closed
AnyPrivacy IssueHighHigh [epiphany] would be more private if not for Hyperbola p ...Closed
AnyBug ReportHighHigh [tlp] remove systemd support Closed
AnyBug ReportHighHigh [sway] relies on systemd libraries Closed
AnySecurity IssueHighHigh [podofo] vulnerable allows remote attackers to cause a  ...Closed
AnySecurity IssueHighHigh [isync] needs update Closed
AnyDrop RequestHighHigh [ssmtp] remove obsolete package Closed
AnyFeature RequestHighHigh [icedove-enigmail] add package Closed
AnyBug ReportMediumHigh [brasero] could not establish a connection to Tracker Closed
AnyBug ReportMediumHigh [redshift] No more location providers to try Closed
AnyBug ReportMediumHigh [mutt] error message: mailbox closed Closed
AnySecurity IssueMediumHigh [blender] error invalid PGP keys Closed
AnyImplementation RequestHighHigh [onioncat]: add package Closed
AnyImplementation RequestHighHigh [xen] add Xen 4.8.x split packages Closed
AnySecurity IssueHighHigh [busybox] CVE-2017-16544: autocompletion vulnerability Closed
AnyFeature RequestVery HighHigh [linux-libre-*] add missing installed kernel configurat ...Closed
AnyBug ReportHighHigh [gnome-disk-utility] error while loading shared librari ...Closed
AnyBug ReportHighHigh [filesystem] remove /etc/crypttab file Closed
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