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AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [tuxcards]: references to Donationware -- shall be eith ...Closed
Task Description


Tuxcards is seemingly published under some GPL license, on the splash screen I did not see which one.

The splash screen claims it is Donationware, which is bringing confusion.



So either the splash screen shall be removed, as it is donationware, or author contacted, or package removed as it is unclear if it is free software or donationware. Free software can be sold, and if it is sold, then such software shall not ask for donations again in my opinion.

TestingFreedom IssueMediumLow [iceweasel-uxp] Firefox is used on Private Browsing wit ...Closed
Task Description


Private Browsing with Tracking Protection

When you browse in a Private Window, Firefox does not save:

  visited pages
  temporary files

Firefox will save your:


Private Browsing doesn’t make you anonymous on the Internet. Your employer or Internet service provider can still know what page you visit.
Tracking Protection

Some websites use trackers that can monitor your activity across the Internet. With Tracking Protection Firefox will block many trackers that can collect information about your browsing behavior.

Learn more about Private Browsing.

Firefox is named 3 times.
Private Browsing link is broken

Additional info:
* package version(s) : 52.9.0_20180601-3

Steps to reproduce: Open Private Browsing

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [simh]: license unclear for VAX ROM file ka655x.bin  Closed
Task Description


simh is very nice simulator.

Yet it is unclear the license for the ROM file: /usr/lib/simh/ka655x.bin and if license is not free and/or source of VAX ROM is missing, this package is not free.

StableFreedom IssueVery LowHigh [iceweasel-uxp] Replace all default Firefox bookmarks f ...Closed
Task Description

Sometimes I ran Iceweasel-UXP with installed language packs (i18n), but the different bookmarks appeared from Firefox by default.

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [erika] please add package to repos Closed
Task Description

Erika is a Python GTK+ podcast manager using webkitgtk.

Erika is released under the MIT License, with the exception of the file erika/frontend/widgets/ which is released under the GNU/GPLv3 License.

Attached is a PKGBUILD for the last stable release based on the AUR one (I moved a few of the dependencies to optdepends). It builds fine and works.

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [gpg] keyserver receive failed: Server indicated a fail ...Closed
Task Description

GPG does not receive keys from servers. Seems that connection is blocked.

Additional info:
* package version(s)

$ gpg --version 
gpg (GnuPG) 2.2.8
libgcrypt 1.7.6

* config and/or log files etc.

$ gpg --debug-all --receive-keys B00033B86FDA59BA7D75B89BB88AF90BF64827C5
gpg: reading options from '/home/asm/.gnupg/gpg.conf'
gpg: enabled debug flags: packet mpi crypto filter iobuf memory cache memstat trust hashing ipc clock lookup extprog
gpg: DBG: [not enabled in the source] start
gpg: DBG: chan_3 <- # Home: /home/asm/.gnupg
gpg: DBG: chan_3 <- # Config: /home/asm/.gnupg/dirmngr.conf
gpg: DBG: chan_3 <- OK Dirmngr 2.2.8 at your service
gpg: DBG: connection to the dirmngr established
gpg: DBG: chan_3 -> GETINFO version
gpg: DBG: chan_3 <- D 2.2.8
gpg: DBG: chan_3 <- OK
gpg: DBG: chan_3 -> KS_GET -- 0xB00033B86FDA59BA7D75B89BB88AF90BF64827C5
gpg: DBG: chan_3 <- ERR 219 Server indicated a failure <Fonte não especificada>
gpg: keyserver receive failed: Server indicated a failure
gpg: DBG: chan_3 -> BYE
gpg: DBG: [not enabled in the source] stop
gpg: keydb: handles=0 locks=0 parse=0 get=0
gpg:        build=0 update=0 insert=0 delete=0
gpg:        reset=0 found=0 not=0 cache=0 not=0
gpg: kid_not_found_cache: count=0 peak=0 flushes=0
gpg: sig_cache: total=0 cached=0 good=0 bad=0
gpg: random usage: poolsize=600 mixed=0 polls=0/0 added=0/0
              outmix=0 getlvl1=0/0 getlvl2=0/0
gpg: secmem usage: 0/32768 bytes in 0 blocks

* Useful information:

Unfortunately, the workaround does not work for me. However, it indicate the arch linux package that fixes this issue.

Steps to reproduce:
Just type.

gpg --receive-keys B00033B86FDA59BA7D75B89BB88AF90BF64827C5
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [girara] issues critical error Closed
Task Description

Steps to reproduce:
Open from the command line any pdf file with either `zathura-pdf-poppler` or `zathura-pdf-mupdf`, then hit `q` to quit and the terminal will show the following error:

** (zathura:<PID>): CRITICAL **: girara_list_foreach: assertion 'list && list->start && callback' failed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [kobodeluxe]: segmentation fault Closed
Task Description


Application path: ‘.’ [41] Could not get double buffered display.
[41] Shadow buffer requested; relying on SDL’s shadow buffer.
[279] audio.c: Warning: Requested 1024 samplebuffer, but got 512 samples.
[1148] Loading “Trance1”...
[1148] Copyright (C) David Olofson, 2002.
[1240] Done!
[1240] Loading “Test2”...
[1240] Copyright (C) David Olofson, 2002.
[1240] Done!
[1241] Waveform info:
[1241] ( 0: MIDI <Unknown>, 120 PPQN, 1 events)
[1241] 1: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 64000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 2: MONO16 ONESHOT, 24000 Hz, 144000 bytes (3.00 s)
[1241] 3: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 4: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 12800 bytes (0.40 s)
[1241] 5: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 22400 bytes (0.70 s)
[1241] 6: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 7: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 8: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 9: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 10: MONO16 ONESHOT, 24000 Hz, 192000 bytes (4.00 s)
[1241] 11: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 48000 bytes (0.75 s)
[1241] 12: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 48000 bytes (0.75 s)
[1241] 13: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 48000 bytes (0.75 s)
[1241] 14: MONO16 ONESHOT, 24000 Hz, 48000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 16: MONO16 ONESHOT, 33488 Hz, 66976 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 30: MONO16 ONESHOT, 33488 Hz, 66976 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 32: MONO16 LOOPED, 33488 Hz, 256 bytes (0.00 s)
[1241] 50: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 64000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 55: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 64000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 58: MONO16 ONESHOT, 8000 Hz, 16000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 60: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 16000 bytes (0.25 s)
[1241] 63: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 32000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 74: MONO16 LOOPED, 33488 Hz, 66976 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 84: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 256000 bytes (4.00 s)
[1241] 86: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 256000 bytes (4.00 s)
[1241] 87: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 96000 bytes (3.00 s)
[1241] 102: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 103: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 104: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 1600 bytes (0.05 s)
[1241] 105: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 1600 bytes (0.05 s)
[1241] 106: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 1600 bytes (0.05 s)
[1241] 107: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 16000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 108: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 32000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 109: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 110: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 111: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 112: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 1600 bytes (0.03 s)
[1241] 113: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 114: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 32000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 115: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 3200 bytes (0.05 s)
[1241] 116: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 12800 bytes (0.20 s)
[1241] 117: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 118: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 119: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 25600 bytes (0.80 s)
[1241] 120: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 11000 bytes (0.34 s)
[1241] 121: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] (122: MIDI <Unknown>, 120 PPQN, 1 events)
[1241] 123: MONO16 ONESHOT, 48000 Hz, 48000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 124: MONO16 ONESHOT, 48000 Hz, 96000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1242] 125: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 64000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1242] 126: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 96000 bytes (1.50 s)
[1242] 127: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 32000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1242] Total 51 waveforms, total size: 2372184 bytes, total time: 36 s
[1881] No hiscore entries found!
Segmentation fault

AnyFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [qtemu] package recommends installing non-free OSes Closed
Task Description

When running QtEmu for the first time and running the new machine wizard, the software lists non-free operating systems and refers to GNU/Linux as Linux.

It would be nice to list LibertyBSD in the list of distros in this software in addition to GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd (which are listed in aqemu).

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [recoll]: optional dependency: untex: for dvi support w ...Closed
Task Description

Upon installation of recoll, I can see:

optional dependency: untex: for dvi support with dvips

but untex cannot be installed

StableFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [cool-retro-term] update package to 1.0.1 and remove no ...Closed
Task Description

In the latest version fixes several issues and font improvements[1], but unfortunately there is a major problem contained five three non-libre/free typefaces in the source code.

  • Apple II (1977): a licence forbids to sell and modify. Already removed
  • Commodore PET (1977): a licence forbids to sell and modify. Already removed
  • Atari 400/800 (1979): in the latest version, there is a vague term “freeware”[2] in documentation, but forbids to sell and modify.
  • Commercial 64 (1982): a licence forbids to sell. Already removed
  • Monaco (modern): proprietary from Apple.
$ rm -fr "./app/qml/fonts/{1977-*,1979-atari-400-800,1982-commodore64,modern-monaco}/";

Also, I attached three QML source code diff files down below, by removing and replacing strings.


StableFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [xorg-fonts-misc] contains non-libre/free Syriac typefa ...Closed
Task Description

A Syriac typeface family series of Beth Mardutho’s Meltho is considered as non-libre/free because a licence forbids to modify[1], and should be removed immediately.


AnyFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [python-pip][python2-pip] Pip recommends proprietary so ...Closed
Task Description

pip allows the user to search and install packages from the PyPi repository, which contains proprietary software.

Additional info:
* example of proprietary package in PyPi repository: * Trisquel’s solution was to remove python-pip:

Steps to reproduce:
$ sudo pacman -S python-pip
$ pip search snaplogic # prints information about proprietary package
$ pip install snaplogic # installs proprietary package

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow flatpak doesn't work/Docker doesn't work Closed
Task Description

without, flathub. But flathub requires qt5, version 5.9

And the part of docker that works, is also gone. This may be easier to fix.

I need one of those two to work. That’s all.

AnyFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [purple-skypeweb] Plugin only useful with Skype Closed
Task Description

Please remove as plugin is only useful with Skype hosted by a single company on a single server as far as I can tell (unlike pidgin-sipe).

StableFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [gftp] Remove many other (old and dead) FTP site bookma ...Closed
Task Description

Contains many other (old and dead) non-FSDG distro and software archive and repo FTP sites, and must remove carefully.

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow Ssleuth for Iceape Closed
Task Description

5.4 version desired, it would be nice to still see the ciphers in Iceape.

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow Enigmail for Iceape Closed
Task Description

this would be appreciated greatly, although I am in no hurry.

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowMedium [mongodb] needs OpenRC init script Closed
Task Description

needs OpenRC init script

Additional info:
* mongodb-3.4.3-1

AnyFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [man-pages] contains nonfree POSIX manual pages Closed
Task Description


  • Arch distributes a version of man-pages with manual pages from the POSIX standard. The man-pages project is permitted to distribute them and Andries Brouwer assumes that re-distribution by vendors is permitted as well. However, modification is definitively not allowed, hence this contribution by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and The Open Group render the entire man-pages package nonfree. The way to solve it is remove all nonfree POSIX manual pages from man-pages package.

Additional info:
* package version(s)

  • 4.11-1

* config and/or log files etc.

  • License file (POSIX-COPYRIGHT):
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and
The Open Group, have given us permission to reprint portions of
their documentation.

In the following statement, the phrase ``this text'' refers to
portions of the system documentation.

Portions of this text are reprinted and reproduced in electronic form
from IEEE Std 1003.1, 2013 Edition, Standard for Information Technology
-- Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX), The Open Group Base
Specifications Issue 7, Copyright (C) 2013 by the Institute of Electri-
cal and Electronics Engineers, Inc and The Open Group.  (This is
POSIX.1-2008 with the 2013 Technical Corrigendum 1 applied.) In the
event of any discrepancy between this version and the original IEEE and
The Open Group Standard, the original IEEE and The Open Group Standard
is the referee document.  The original Standard can be obtained online
at .

This notice shall appear on any product containing this material.

Redistribution of this material is permitted so long as this notice and
the corresponding notices within each POSIX manual page are retained on
any distribution, and the nroff source is included. Modifications to
the text are permitted so long as any conflicts with the standard
are clearly marked as such in the text.

Steps to reproduce:

  • See license in /usr/share/licenses/man-pages/POSIX-COPYRIGHT
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowHigh [gitlab] systemd reference & command not found during i ...Closed
Task Description

(14/14) installing gitlab [##############################] 100%
/tmp/alpm_bCqhHf/.INSTALL: line 2: systemd-tmpfiles: command not found

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow Add Lumina Desktop Closed
Task Description

A Desktop Enivronment mostly focused on BSD, but also one that is very lightweight and easily customized. Would love to see this desktop on Hyperbola and later whenever Emulatorman makes it, Hyperbola/GNU/HyperBK

Version is the latest one in above link of stable.

StableFreedom IssueVery LowHigh GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) Closed
Task Description

Hello Hyperbola!

GPA gives out the following errors upon opening the app.


The GPGME library returned an unexpected
error at confdialog.c:1459. The error was:

    Unsupported protocol

This is either an installation problem or a bug in GPA.
GPA will now try to recover from this error.


Fatal Error in GPGME library
(invoked from file options.c, line 302):

    Unsupported protocol

The application will be terminated

What can I do to overcome these errors?
As this issue makes gpa app completely unusable, I have set this bug report’s severity as high.

I also request the admin to set priority to high due to it’s severity.

Thank you!


AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-gcc] not working; needs prop ...Closed
Task Description

I believe the arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-gcc package to be broken as described here.

Additional info:
* package version(s) - arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-gcc - all versions

Steps to reproduce:
I don’t think “steps to reproduce” to be relevant in this case. My forum topic linked above already contains all the necessary info on the subject :) However, one could try compiling glibc and busybox as described here. Yes, these are instructions for debian-like systems. They have to be adapted accordingly

AnyFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [supertuxkart] remove nonfree Ubuntu Font Family fonts Closed
Task Description

In version 0.9.3 and 1.0, there are several added and changed (new or existing) features and functions, and fixed bug, crash and other issues.

But the critical part is contains non-libre/free Ubuntu font files over licensing issue, according to the issue:

See those two sections in the version history releases for more details:

AnyFreedom IssueVery LowCritical [flatpak] Access to proprietary applications Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [clementine] using non-free services and interfaces Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [gens] contains nonfree Starscream code Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [gens-gs] contains nonfree Starscream code and the Poor ...Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery HighCritical [dgen-sdl] contains nonfree CZ80, dZ80, DrZ80, Multi-Z8 ...Closed
StableFreedom IssueVery LowMedium [xfe] Replace with Hyperbola Iceweasel-UXP for HTML and ...Closed
StableFreedom IssueVery LowCritical [elementary-icon-theme] Contains non-FSDG compliant dis ...Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowCritical [conky] Some serious issues Closed
StableFreedom IssueHighCritical [smplayer] Removal of unfree "Chromecast"-plugin Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [gnome] Complete remval of desktop-environment Closed
AnyFreedom IssueMediumHigh [xdg-utils] Remove nonfree apps Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow [hedgewars] Crash when starting a new singleplayer-camp ...Closed
StableFreedom IssueVery LowCritical [keybase] Complete removal of tool Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowHigh Synergy en teclado en español no tiene tildes ni ñ Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow Juniper Networks Certified Expert Security Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow How to resolve QuickBooks Error 15241 Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow What are the easy tips to setup yahoo mail in outlook? Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow Fix QuickBooks Error 6147 in 5 Tricky Ways Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow How do I set up Bellsouth email on Outlook? Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow How do I resolve outlook cannot connect to server probl ...Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow Can help me to fix HP Printer error co ...Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow How do I Choose The Best SEO Services Provider For My B ...Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow Dial helpline number to find solutions of cash app card ...Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow Get Cash app customer service number to resuscitate the ...Closed
AnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow Fix interface issue while using elective send cash from ...Closed
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