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TestingFeature RequestVery LowMedium [Hyperbola GNU/Linux-Libre 0.4] [lumina-core] Replace t ...Closed
Task Description

Also known as “Replace the distributor logo as the startup dialogue, and app menu and start button icons from generic” in the long title because of character limitation.

If the distributor logo icon isn’t present, simply insert it and link few others into the appropriate paths that I made and attached below there.

Here is the list of the paths you do:


  • distributor-logo.svg
  • distributor-logo-hyperbola.svg (symlink of * distributor-logo.svg)
  • start-here{,-hyperbola,-lumina}.svg (symlink of distributor-logo.svg)
TestingFeature RequestVery LowMedium [Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.4] [xorg-xdm] Replace the  ...Closed
Task Description

Few other distros like Debian, NetBSD, and OpenBSD have some own customized login screens, while right here, the actual distro didn’t. I suggest you replacing them for the following paths on the list to come up next package release, which I have three files attached below there.


  • Xresources
  • Xsetup_0


  • hyperbola.xpm
  • xorg{,-bw}.xpm (removed as unused)
TestingFreedom IssueMediumLow [iceweasel-uxp] Firefox is used on Private Browsing wit ...Closed
Task Description


Private Browsing with Tracking Protection

When you browse in a Private Window, Firefox does not save:

  visited pages
  temporary files

Firefox will save your:


Private Browsing doesn’t make you anonymous on the Internet. Your employer or Internet service provider can still know what page you visit.
Tracking Protection

Some websites use trackers that can monitor your activity across the Internet. With Tracking Protection Firefox will block many trackers that can collect information about your browsing behavior.

Learn more about Private Browsing.

Firefox is named 3 times.
Private Browsing link is broken

Additional info:
* package version(s) : 52.9.0_20180601-3

Steps to reproduce: Open Private Browsing

TestingFreedom IssueVery LowCritical [Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.4] [lumina-core] has some  ...Closed
Task Description

The list contains some icons before being removed for displaying non-libre and trademark-related stuffs, which may infringe the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines and Hyperbola Packaging Guidelines.


  • Icons that are libre apps but has problematic issues:
    • nodejs.svg
    • npm.svg
    • umbraco.svg
  • Icons that are non-libre apps:
    • apple-finder.svg
    • apple-safari.svg
    • edge.svg
    • emby.svg
    • evernote.svg
    • google-chrome.svg
    • google-earth.svg
    • internet-explorer.svg (discontinued)
    • itunes.svg
    • jira.svg
    • opera.svg
    • plex.svg
    • quicktime.svg
    • skype.svg
    • slack.svg
    • steam.svg
    • teamviewer.svg
    • unity.svg
    • visualstudio.svg
    • whatsapp.svg
  • Icons that are non-libre games:
    • black-mesa.svg
    • minecraft.svg
  • Icons that are non-libre network services:
    • amazon.svg
    • appnet.svg (discontinued)
    • basecamp.svg
    • bing.svg
    • bitbucket.svg
    • blogger.svg
    • deviantart.svg
    • disqus.svg
    • dribbble.svg
    • dropbox.svg
    • ebay.svg
    • etsy.svg
    • facebook.svg
    • flattr.svg
    • foursquare.svg
    • github.svg
    • gmail.svg
    • google-drive.svg
    • google-maps.svg
    • google-photos.svg
    • google-play.svg
    • google-plus.svg (discontinued)
    • google-translate.svg
    • google-wallet.svg (discontinued, now as Google Pay)
    • instagram.svg
    • jsfiddle.svg
    • lastfm.svg
    • linkedin.svg
    • linode.svg
    • mixcloud.svg
    • onedrive.svg
    • pandora.svg
    • pinterest.svg
    • rdio.svg (discontinued)
    • reddit.svg
    • soundcloud.svg
    • spotify.svg
    • stackexchange.svg
    • stackoverflow.svg
    • telegram.svg
    • tumblr.svg
    • twitch.svg
    • twitter.svg
    • vimeo.svg
    • vine.svg (discontinued)
    • vk.svg
    • wechat.svg
    • xing.svg
    • yelp.svg
    • youtube.svg
  • Icons that are non-FSDG operating systems:
    • android.svg
    • ubuntu.svg
  • Icons that are non-libre operating systems:
    • apple-ios.svg
  • Icons that are trademarked brands and products:
    • apple.svg
    • beats.svg
    • blackberry.svg
    • dolby.svg
    • google.svg
    • google-cardboard.svg (discontinued)
    • google-glass.svg
    • microsoft.svg
    • playstation.svg
    • wii.svg (discontinued)
    • wiiu.svg (discontinued)
  • Icons that are trademarked characters:
    • clippy.svg (appearance from the Office Assistant part of M$ Office 97 to 2003)
TestingFreedom IssueVery LowMedium What Can A Pain Clinic Offer? Closed
Task Description

Refer To A Pain Clinic?

In addition to medicines, these Pain Clinic Uk can help you manage pain with bodily, behavioral, and psychological treatment plans. In addition, they may train you about your pain, train you on the way of life changes, and offer complementary or alternative medicinal drugs.

What Conditions Qualify For Pain Management?

Pain management medical doctors most often see patients with aches within the low back, knee, head, hip, and neck. Commonplace conditions treated are those physicians consist of arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, sciatica, and greater.

Is Chronic Pain Syndrome Real?

Approximately 25% of people with persistent ache will cross directly to have a Chronic Pain Syndrome circumstance called continual pain syndrome (cps). It truly is whilst human beings have symptoms beyond pain on their own, like depression and anxiety, which interfere with their day-by-day lives. Cps can be tough to treat, but it is not possible.

Read more about Leva Clinic | Pain Specialist

TestingImplementation RequestVery LowMedium [yaics] add package Closed
Task Description

Yaics is a simple GNU social client written in C++ and Qt and licensed under the GNU GPL 3.0 (or later).

Please implement yaics as an optional package.

TestingImplementation RequestVery LowLow [sirikata] add package Closed
Task Description

Sirikata a platform for virtual worlds.

Sirikata is a platform for virtual worlds. We provide a set of libraries and protocols which can be used to deploy a virtual world, as well as fully featured sample implementations of services for hosting and deploying these worlds.

Please implement sirikata as an optional package.

TestingImplementation RequestLowMedium [spacefm] add new package Closed
Task Description

Add SpaceFM File Manager for Hyperbola

Aur Package: spacefm Debian Package: spacefm

TestingImplementation RequestMediumMedium linux-libre-lts-hypersec: New package with extra securi ...Closed
Task Description

Description: Per a user request and to better secure the kernel, we can embed the cryptsetup and ciphers in the kernel. This would mean rather than exposed modules, they are built-in to the kernel and ready to use even without an intramfs.

To be embedded: ciphers aes, twofish, serpent; sha256, sha512 - and the necessary modules (don’t forget the block modes xts, lvm and cryptsetup …)

Additionally, we could include USB Guard and any other features that meet our social contract and security outlook.

TestingImplementation RequestVery LowLow [Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.4] [polygen{,-data}] Add p ...Closed
Task Description

Is that package worth using to generate every sentence of any kind?


TestingImplementation RequestVery LowHigh Hplip for printing, Closed
Task Description

Does not need any insane depends, such as dbus, as far as the website says:

its optional,

I would like to see it readded in the future...

I need it for printing, only one of my laptops is on 0.3, for this purpose at this time.

TestingImplementation RequestHighCritical [xlsfonts] Missing package needs to be added for xenoca ...Closed
Task Description

Description: Package xlsfonts is missing and should absolutely being added also within groups for ‘xenocara-apps’ and ‘xorg-apps’.

TestingPrivacy IssueVery HighCritical [abiword] remove AltaVista's Babel Fish translator supp ...Closed
Task Description

Abiword supports the defunct AltaVista’s Babel Fish translator which queries are redirected to the main Yahoo! page.


build() {
  cd $pkgname-$pkgver
  ./configure --prefix=/usr \
    --enable-shared \
    --disable-static \
    --enable-clipart \
    --enable-templates \
    --enable-plugins="aiksaurus applix **babelfish** bmp clarisworks collab docbook \
                      eml epub freetranslation garble gdict gimp goffice grammar \
                      hancom hrtext iscii kword latex loadbindings mathview mht \
                      mif mswrite opendocument openwriter openxml opml ots paint \
                      passepartout pdb pdf presentation psion s5 sdw t602 urldict \
                      wikipedia wmf wml wordperfect wpg xslfo" \
  sed -i -e 's/ -shared / -Wl,-O1,--as-needed\0/g' libtool

TestingPull RequestVery LowHigh [Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre 0.4] [midori] Apply updating ...Closed
Task Description

Here are few changes in the third package build release of Midori, according to the commit[1][2]:

  • A SearX instance[3] now replaces three default search engines that are non-free network services; because of freedom issues, they were all expunged.
  • Fix key buttons on the key bindings to avoid frustration.
  • Plug-in seems now disabled by default.


TestingReplace RequestMediumMedium [devtools] use artools as devtools replacement Closed
Task Description

Replace “devtools” to “artools”[0][1]

[0]: [1]:

Notes: "artools" replaces "devtools" and "archiso"
       without "systemd", but it is not a "libretools" replacement.
       For now, "libretools" needs a "chroot" wrapper to use it.
TestingReplace RequestVery LowMedium  replace request: NetworkManager with wpa_cute Closed
Task Description

I know there are plans to remove NetworkManager. I wondered if we could replace it in 0.4 with Wpa_Cute. seen in the above link.

I haven’t been able to compile it, but it has been updated as recent as 2018 december (stable)

or 2019 january. :)

WPA_GUI doesn’t seem to work well for me, it runs into weird errors when I start it. Long story short, I run into this issue with wpa_supplicant when i do it manually:

Password-related problems

wpa_supplicant may not work properly if directly passed via stdin particularly long or complex passphrases which include special characters. This may lead to errors such as failed 4-way WPA handshake, PSK may be wrong when launching wpa_supplicant.

In order to solve this try using here strings wpa_passphrase <MYSSID> «< “<passphrase>” or passing a file to the -c flag instead:

# wpa_supplicant -i <interface> -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/example.conf

In some instances it was found that storing the passphrase cleartext in the psk key of the wpa_supplicant.conf network block gave positive results (see [2]). However, this approach is rather insecure. Using wpa_cli to create this file instead of manually writing it gives the best results most of the time and therefore is the recommended way to proceed.
Problems with eduroam and other MSCHAPv2 connections

This is my issue with wpa_supplicant sadly... and I do not know how to workaround that without a GUI.

but Wpa_Supplicant_gui does not fix it either, it doesn’t even load properly on my other laptop.

It says it cannot get the status of wpa_supplicant when I load it.

This could be an issue if you get rid of NetworkManager for some users.

So yeah, please take a look at my request okay? Wait for 0.3 to be released to add this if possible. I know you guys are overworked, etc... and it doesn’t need to be done now anyhow. ;)

TestingUpdate RequestVery LowMedium [lmms] update package version to 1.2.0 Closed
Task Description

In the latest version, it has many more changes with new and improvement features, and fixes function issues since released as preview stage in every eight times per three years ago[1]. And also it is possible to rebuild package with sndio.

[1]: (see all sections below from 1.2.0-RC1 to 1.2.0 in the version history releases)

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