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AnyImplementation RequestVery LowHigh[icinga2] add packageUnconfirmed
Task Description

Icinga2 is a libre host, service and network monitoring program

Without it is is very difficult to monitor (CPU/Memory/Process...) Hyperbola systems under Icinga2 Web.
Arch Package & Parabola Package

I already tested theses packages on Hyperbola but Systemd + other packages versions dependencies issues.

This would made a very nice addition as Hyperbola is also designed to be installed on servers & virtual machines (my case on +10 machines).

AnyFeature RequestVery LowLowadd package powerkitUnconfirmed
Task Description

Version 1.0 requested

When you add Lumina desktop, add this package for sure. Although it is compatible with other desktops too. So it would be good to add it regardless.

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