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PackagesAnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow[girara] issues critical errorUnconfirmed
Task Description

Steps to reproduce:
Open from the command line any pdf file with either `zathura-pdf-poppler` or `zathura-pdf-mupdf`, then hit `q` to quit and the terminal will show the following error:

** (zathura:<PID>): CRITICAL **: girara_list_foreach: assertion 'list && list->start && callback' failed
PackagesAnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow[zathura-pdf-poppler]Unconfirmed
Task Description

Something is wrong with the latest version packaged in Hyperbola. zathura-pdf-poppler is unable to process apostrophes displayed in pdf bookmarks.

Steps to reproduce:
Open any pdf file which has a summary included, then hit `Tab` to display the summary. Instead of apostrophes, zathura-pdf-poppler displays html entities while the output of zathura-pdf-mupdf is correct.

PackagesAnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow[kobodeluxe]: segmentation faultUnconfirmed
Task Description


Application path: ‘.’ [41] Could not get double buffered display.
[41] Shadow buffer requested; relying on SDL’s shadow buffer.
[279] audio.c: Warning: Requested 1024 samplebuffer, but got 512 samples.
[1148] Loading “Trance1”...
[1148] Copyright (C) David Olofson, 2002.
[1240] Done!
[1240] Loading “Test2”...
[1240] Copyright (C) David Olofson, 2002.
[1240] Done!
[1241] Waveform info:
[1241] ( 0: MIDI <Unknown>, 120 PPQN, 1 events)
[1241] 1: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 64000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 2: MONO16 ONESHOT, 24000 Hz, 144000 bytes (3.00 s)
[1241] 3: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 4: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 12800 bytes (0.40 s)
[1241] 5: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 22400 bytes (0.70 s)
[1241] 6: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 7: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 8: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 9: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 10: MONO16 ONESHOT, 24000 Hz, 192000 bytes (4.00 s)
[1241] 11: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 48000 bytes (0.75 s)
[1241] 12: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 48000 bytes (0.75 s)
[1241] 13: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 48000 bytes (0.75 s)
[1241] 14: MONO16 ONESHOT, 24000 Hz, 48000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 16: MONO16 ONESHOT, 33488 Hz, 66976 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 30: MONO16 ONESHOT, 33488 Hz, 66976 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 32: MONO16 LOOPED, 33488 Hz, 256 bytes (0.00 s)
[1241] 50: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 64000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 55: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 64000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 58: MONO16 ONESHOT, 8000 Hz, 16000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 60: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 16000 bytes (0.25 s)
[1241] 63: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 32000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 74: MONO16 LOOPED, 33488 Hz, 66976 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 84: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 256000 bytes (4.00 s)
[1241] 86: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 256000 bytes (4.00 s)
[1241] 87: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 96000 bytes (3.00 s)
[1241] 102: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 103: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 104: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 1600 bytes (0.05 s)
[1241] 105: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 1600 bytes (0.05 s)
[1241] 106: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 1600 bytes (0.05 s)
[1241] 107: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 16000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 108: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 32000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 109: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 110: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 111: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 112: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 1600 bytes (0.03 s)
[1241] 113: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] 114: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 32000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 115: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 3200 bytes (0.05 s)
[1241] 116: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 12800 bytes (0.20 s)
[1241] 117: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 118: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 32000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1241] 119: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 25600 bytes (0.80 s)
[1241] 120: MONO16 ONESHOT, 16000 Hz, 11000 bytes (0.34 s)
[1241] 121: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 6400 bytes (0.10 s)
[1241] (122: MIDI <Unknown>, 120 PPQN, 1 events)
[1241] 123: MONO16 ONESHOT, 48000 Hz, 48000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1241] 124: MONO16 ONESHOT, 48000 Hz, 96000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1242] 125: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 64000 bytes (1.00 s)
[1242] 126: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 96000 bytes (1.50 s)
[1242] 127: MONO16 ONESHOT, 32000 Hz, 32000 bytes (0.50 s)
[1242] Total 51 waveforms, total size: 2372184 bytes, total time: 36 s
[1881] No hiscore entries found!
Segmentation fault

ServicesGeneralFeature RequestVery LowLowhyperbola branding - add guidelines to packagesUnconfirmed
Task Description

I could not find any regarding using arch or other branded themes. Parabola apparently rebrands some stuff in their libre repository, eg. they have their own parabola-themes-slim package for slim based themes.[0]=

PackagesAnyFreedom IssueVery LowLow[recoll]: optional dependency: untex: for dvi support w...Unconfirmed
Task Description

Upon installation of recoll, I can see:

optional dependency: untex: for dvi support with dvips

but untex cannot be installed

PackagesStableImplementation RequestVery LowLow[materia-theme] add packageUnconfirmed
Task Description

A Material-like flat theme for GTK+ 2/3, and GNOME shell, released under a GNU General Public Licence (GNU GPL) 2 and later.

PackagesAnyFreedom IssueVery LowLowflatpak doesn't work/Docker doesn't workUnconfirmed
Task Description

without, flathub. But flathub requires qt5, version 5.9

And the part of docker that works, is also gone. This may be easier to fix.

I need one of those two to work. That’s all.

PackagesAnyPrivacy IssueVery LowLow[purple-plugin-pack] Provides Napster support which is ...Unconfirmed
Task Description

purple-plugin-pack provides access to Napster which is only useful with a single company and sever (as far as I could tell).

Software DevelopmentIceweasel-UXPBackport RequestVery LowLowSearch Engine Addon Request: StartpageUnconfirmed
Task Description

Icecat currently has the FSF approved addon for
It would be helpful to have it ported to iceweasel-uxp.

PackagesAnyFeature RequestVery LowLow[newsboat] Package RequestUnconfirmed
Task Description

Description: Newsboat is an ncursers RSS/Atom feedreader. RSS and Atom are a number of widely-used XML formats to transmit, publish and syndicate articles, for example news or blog articles. Newsboat is designed to be used on text terminals on Unix or Unix-like systems such as GNU/Linux, FreeBSD or macOS.

Newsboat is a fork of Newsbeuter. The only difference is that Newsboat is actively maintained while Newsbeuter isn’t.

Additional info: Official Website:

License(s): custom: MIT

Version: newsboat 2.13-1

Reason of Request Less bloat than Liferea and easy to maintenance. Sites news are more ethical and decentralized than read the “news” on centralized Social Networks (Bubbles).

PackagesAnyImplementation RequestVery LowLow[mkv-extractor-qt] add packageUnconfirmed
Task Description

Could it be possible to add :


“Graphical MKV demultiplexer”

License: GPL3


PackagesAnyImplementation RequestVery LowLow[vidcutter] add packageUnconfirmed
Task Description

Could it be possible to add :


“A modern, simple to use, constantly evolving and hella fast MEDIA CUTTER + JOINER w/ frame-accurate SmartCut technology + Qt5, libmpv, FFmpeg and MediaInfo powering the backend.”

License : GPL3

PackagesAnyFreedom IssueVery LowLowSsleuth for IceapeUnconfirmed
Task Description

5.4 version desired, it would be nice to still see the ciphers in Iceape.

PackagesAnyBackport RequestVery LowLowSelf Destructing Cookies for IceapeUnconfirmed
Task Description

I would like this to be available for Iceape as well V4.13

PackagesAnyFreedom IssueVery LowLowEnigmail for IceapeUnconfirmed
Task Description

this would be appreciated greatly, although I am in no hurry.

PackagesStableBug ReportVery LowLowGNOME cannot lock screen while using LightDMUnconfirmed
Task Description

Screen locking does not work in GNOME, either with keyboard shortcuts or from the menu, while using LightDM.

Additional info:
* According to this thread[1] this bug has been patched in Ubuntu. Please consider applying this patch.[2]

Steps to reproduce:
# pacman -S gnome lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter
# rc-update add lightdm default
Reboot, log in to a GNOME session and attempt to lock screen.

[1] [2]

Software DevelopmentGeneralImplementation RequestVery LowLowARMv7 (armv7h) portingUnconfirmed
Task Description

I know you have misgivings about that arm laptop, I mentioned, and arm as a whole, but people will be buying it no doubt.

I think you won’t stop that from happening whether you support it or not. the same is said with other arm laptops such as the MNT Reform Laptop and even the chromebook c201 asus which is questionable but can be run with mostly free software, except for 3D and wifi. (use wifi adapter)

Those are just a few arm laptops that need your support. You may know of others, but yeah, I want you to support as many of the ones that can run mostly on free software, as possible.

But yeah, we don’t know when two of those are coming out, so I understand completely if you want to wait till a more opportune time. But yeah, when you find a chance in the future to support them, please do so.

PackagesAnyBug ReportVery LowLowmarble-qt: doesn't look like a valid Marble plugin: "/...Unconfirmed
Task Description


$ marble-qt –latlone=0.5,6.5
Ignoring to load the following file since it doesn’t look like a valid Marble plugin: “/usr/lib/marble/plugins/” Reason: “Cannot load library /usr/lib/marble/plugins/ ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)”

When package libwlocate is installed, it is not showing this error.

Shall that package be dependency?

PackagesAnyFeature RequestVery LowLowready PKGBUILDs modified for Hyperbola + openRC init sc...Unconfirmed
Task Description

GNU Guix is a purely functional package manager that can coexist peacefully with GNU/Linux distribution’s native package manaer and allows unprivileged per-user software installation.
Guix depends on several guile libraries not yet present in Hyperbola repo that need to be packaged too.

I have already prepared the necessary PKGBUILDs (attached to this task)

and I’m only asking for checking if they’re ok (since it’s my first attempt at packaging) and adding them to Hyperbola.

I did have some doubts as to which versions of packages were I supposed choose (newest ones or ones that were available as of May 8th 2017). I am also not sure if guile’s .go files are architecture dependent (some existsing PKGBUILDs I used declare arches separately but one declares ‘any’). I might have also made some mistakes along the way, hence I hope someone experienced will take a look at it.

I really hope someone will make use of guix once it’s added :)

PackagesAnyFeature RequestVery LowLow[opendkim] needs OpenRC init script and contains system...Unconfirmed
Task Description


* needs OpenRC init script and contains systemd files

Additional info:
* 2.10.3-4

 $ pkgfile -l opendkim | grep systemd
 community/opendkim      /usr/lib/systemd/
 community/opendkim      /usr/lib/systemd/system/
 community/opendkim      /usr/lib/systemd/system/opendkim.service

Steps to reproduce:

* none

PackagesAnyImplementation RequestVery LowLow[qarte] add packageUnconfirmed
Task Description

Request for :


“Allow you to browse into the archive of arte+7 & arteLiveWeb sites and to record your prefered videos.”

License : GPL3

PackagesAnyFreedom IssueVery LowLowAdd Lumina DesktopUnconfirmed
Task Description

A Desktop Enivronment mostly focused on BSD, but also one that is very lightweight and easily customized. Would love to see this desktop on Hyperbola and later whenever Emulatorman makes it, Hyperbola/GNU/HyperBK

Version is the latest one in above link of stable.

PackagesAnyFeature RequestVery LowLowadd package powerkitUnconfirmed
Task Description

Version 1.0 requested

When you add Lumina desktop, add this package for sure. Although it is compatible with other desktops too. So it would be good to add it regardless.

InstallationGeneralBug ReportVery LowLowinstallation successful, but buggyUnconfirmed
Task Description

This was the guide I followed, but there was one small issue:

The issue is attached within a picture. You will notice that a bunch of unneeded shortcuts are on my desktop right? well... I wondered how I can remove them. multiple filesystem root(s) and home(s) and boot(s)

but yeah, its extremely weird and messed up. a bit funny but troublesome and annoying.

Should I email the user who made that guide or leave it here? That's what I am wondering.

PackagesAnyFeature RequestVery LowVery LowDreamchess package wantedUnconfirmed
Task Description

this package is under gpl3. It is the most reasonable chess game because it can be easy or hard depending on your preference.

PackagesStableBug ReportVery LowVery LowGajim "Unable to run gpg - it may not be available" Unconfirmed
Task Description


Gajim XMPP Client wont start after installing python2-gnupg.

Additional info:
* package version(s)

  community/python2-gnupg 0.4.0-2
  extra/gajim 0.16.8-1.hyperbola2

* config and/or log files etc.


Steps to reproduce:

With Gajim working is not possible to assign an OpenPGP key because it needs a wrapper. Therefore python2-gnupgp package is needed. But after installing python2-gnupgp, Gajim doesn’t start. The following output is displayed from the console:

07/21/2018 18:00:41 (E) gajim.c.gnupg Unable to run gpg - it may not be available.
Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 757, in __init__
  p = self._open_subprocess(["--version"])
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 832, in _open_subprocess
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 394, in __init__
  errread, errwrite)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 1047, in _execute_child
  raise child_exception

OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 513, in <module>
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/", line 2704, in run
  self.roster = roster_window.RosterWindow()
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/", line 6611, in __init__
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/zeroconf/", line 68, in __init__
  CommonConnection.__init__(self, name)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 150, in __init__
  self.gpg = gpg.GnuPG()
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 37, in __init__
  gnupg.GPG.__init__(self, gpgbinary=gajim.GPG_BINARY, use_agent=use_agent)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 761, in __init__
  raise OSError(msg)

OSError: Unable to run gpg - it may not be available.

After doing some search, the issue is that is trying to call ‘gpg’ as ‘gpg1’.

# grep -n GPG_BINARY /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/
162:GPG_BINARY = ‘gpg1’

By replacing ‘gpg’ instead of ‘gpg1’, Gajim will start normally with OpenPGP feature available.

Maybe a newer revision of python2-gnupg is required or maybe a small patch in the current package.

Software DevelopmentIceweasel-UXPBackport RequestVery LowVery LowRequest browser add-on: FireGesturesUnconfirmed
Task Description

Name: FireGestures
Version: 1.11.1 (compatible Firefox version 52)
Source code: Github
Description: A customizable mouse gestures extension which enables to execute various commands and user scripts with six types of gestures.

PackagesAnyBackport RequestVery LowVery LowIcetray for Iceape-uxpUnconfirmed
Task Description

This already works for it, but I just thought I would request it to be put in.

Software DevelopmentUXP applicationsImplementation RequestVery LowVery Lowa libre version of Navigator, Unconfirmed
Task Description

unlike Navigator though, it needs two things: compatibility with seamonkey addons, (the ones that effect web browsing, not the mail email parts)

and to be based off of the latest version of seamonkey, only obviously just the navigator part. I understand this might be hard to implement now, so I can wait if need be, Just thought I would show this to you.

PS, if you ever make HyperBK, port it to that too, but until then, just the os that I mentioned.

Also, last thing, any seamonkey addons that I have already asked for seamonkey, again that aren’t email/mail based, implement them for this too. :)

I will put the severity at very low if that’s okay, just until you have actual time/whatever...

Let me know if this is even remotely possible with this build.

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