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In particular, I would like to see the a20 arm processor supported and also, the talos 2 desktop supported. (powerpc)

The a20 is important because it will be supported by this:

I would really love to have buy this and see it supported by Hyperbola. :)

Within a year if you can support that, I would be extremely, extremely pleased.

as for the powerpc one, I don’t really plan on getting it, but I know that some people may, and I think that it would be good for them to be able to move onto hyperbola. The first is more important to me though.

By either December or next January, is when I would probably want it to be supported. :)

Also, ath9k usb wifi cards would need to be supported for this though... just to warn you.

I already am donating to you guys though through liberapay, please make this happen in the future. ;)

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