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When dmcrypt service start, the “/” filesystem is remounted, mtab is updated and bootmisc is recording the login users, by waiting time scheduling:

* root: waiting for dmcrypt (50 seconds)
* root: timed out waiting for dmcrypt
* Remounting root filesystem read/write ...
* Remounting filesystems ...
* mtab: waiting for dmcrypt (50 seconds)
* mtab: timed out waiting for dmcrypt
* Updating /etc/mtab ...
* Creating mtab symbolic link
* bootmisc: waiting to dmcrypt (50 seconds)
* bootmisc: timed out waiting for dmcrypt
* Creating user login records ...

These features on dmcrypt service are useless and these lines print above filesystem passphrase order (the printed line), those ones break printed console and print the pressed keyboard digit when I’m setting up password.
Sometimes this breaks services startup, and I need press “enter” consecutively to allow run the services.

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