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Opened by Emulatorman - 04/06/2018
Last edited by Emulatorman - 05/12/2019

FS#761 - Develop a BSD descendant kernel for HyperbolaBSD

Develop HyperBK (Hyper Berkeley Kernel), a BSD descendant kernel with GPL-compatible licenses preserved, non-compatible ones removed, and new code written under GPL-3 for HyperbolaBSD.


  • Download OpenBSD kernel source code from OpenBSD siteDONE
  • Download LibertyBSD scripts to deblob and rebrand kernel from their scripts. → DONE
  • Push source to HyperBK’s project. → DONE
  • Rebrand OpenBSD kernel to HyperbolaBSD with LibertyBSD scripts. → DONE
  • Rebrand entire code (functions, variable, pointers, etc) under HyperbolaBSD → DONE
  • Remove files under non GPL-compatible licenses → DONE
  • Import code from another BSD systems under GPL-compatible licenses → IN PROGRESS
  • Write new code under GPL-3 → IN PROGRESS
  • Package HyperBK for HyperbolaBSD.


When the check concerns kernel, we obviously want to match with HyperbolaBSD.

Example of triplet check:	hyperbolabsd)
Example of uname -s check:	HyperbolaBSD)
Example of uname -r check:	0.1)
Example of C macro check:	defined(__HyperbolaBSD__)

IF you guys ever develop a testing grade version, meaning its not stable or unstable, let me know.

I am interested in trying it to see what its like. I am all about the lightweight, :)

ps, you may need an FDE guide for libreboot for this too someday.

I am fully supporting this effort! Please continue doing so.

@Jean, it sounds like it will be only the core modules initally, at least until some later date,

I would guess its 5+ before it will be like a full featured BSD, aka, having a third of the packages as Hyperbola GNU/Linux-Libre.

That's just a guess, it could be sooner, but rest assured, it will be usable for routers probably within more like 3 years from what I heard.

I may be wrong about all of this, but that aside, Emulatorman did say that it will cost a huge amount of money to maintain Hyperbola GNU/Linux-Libre and HyperbolaBSD simutaneously on the same level.

I look forward to it though! Five years or not, Hyperbola GNU/Linux-Libre he hopes will be half as secure as OpenBSD in the future at some point.

if Emulatorman sees this, I hope he will correct me where its needed.

Some of this, I am just guessing on and the rest he has said himself.

Meh, I may have been wrong about my last comment, ignore all who see this... :P

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