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Opened by winter - 09/01/2019
Last edited by André Silva - 05/12/2019

FS#1337 - ARM (aarch and armv7h) porting

The unfortunate reality is that x86 computers come encumbered with built-in low-level backdoors like the Intel Management Engine , as well as nonfree boot firmware. This means that users can’t gain full control over their computers, even if they install a free operating system such as Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre .

Hyperbola is working hard to fix these issues and getting closer every day, but for the time being, this is why many current Respects Your Freedom (RYF) offerings are refurbished older devices.

For the future of free computing, we need support architectures that do not come with such malware pre-installed, and ARM A7/A53 promises to be a great architecture example for low-power computers, laptops and embedded systems.

NOTE: ARM porting is focused only for HyperbolaBSD .

winter commented on 20.06.2019 01:43

Only focused on Hyperbola BSD? Well, sounds good to me!
I think I prefer it this way. BSD is lighter on resources anyhow!

Thanks Andre! Now I have a reason to use any fully free arm based laptops that come out.

Will this support 64 bit arm processors too? Just curious.

Thanks regardless though! :)

André Silva commented on 21.06.2019 21:56
Will this support 64 bit arm processors too? Just curious.

aarch is the version for 64 bit ARM processors

winter commented on 15.07.2019 14:59

Yes... you did mention that. But anyways, that's not why I am posting here right now...

You do plan to support more than just routers right? Any ARM stuff that can be used with only free software, you will support too right? Aka, like a laptop or, a netbook, desktop (if any run on it)


winter commented on 16.10.2019 04:03

Routers for the short term will be in the HyperbolaBSD's plans apparently, very long term goals on the other hand... who knows. ;)

I write this for non developers.

Sagar Acharya commented on 30.12.2020 08:28

ARM has TrustZone. It's better than x86 but not completely backdoor free.

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